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Chun Sung Adcom Chose HP Latex Technology

Chun Sung Adcom Chose HP Latex Technology

High quality prints

Established in 1995, Chun Sung Adcom based in Seoul, South Korea, chose the HP Latex 3000 for its impressive print quality, outstanding scratch resistance and unlimited printing capabilities. Since switching to HP Latex technology sales have grown by more than 30%, establishing the company as one of the key players in Koreas expanding print industry.

Customers love the results

Hwang Jeonghun, Chief Technology Officer of Chun Sung Adcom states that moving to HP Latex technology has been a great move for the business. Replacing their old, outdated Eco Solvent printers with HP Latex technology has drastically reduced the time spent in print production, allowing them to rapidly expand their business.

“Seeing the high-quality prints that indeed did not require lamination, the customer was very happy. Thereafter, for subsequent projects, they always requested the HP Latex 3000 Printer.”

Easy to operate, eco-friendly and odour free

Chun Sung Adcom’s business has grown rapidly since obtaining the HP Latex 3000 as customers are demanding more eco-friendly prints and high quality image reproduction on a wide range of medias. The odourless free printing has improved the workplace environment for the print operators reducing the high staff turnover caused by the use of Eco-Solvent printers. 15 days after purchasing their first HP Latex 3000, Chun Sung Adcom had already decided to purchase a second HP Latex 3000.

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