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Why Easyflyer Chose HP Latex Technology

Why Easyflyer Chose HP Latex Technology

Clean working environment

EasyFlyer is a French Web-To-Print provider, since its conception in 2009 they have relied solely on HP Latex Technology to deliver high quality prints to their customers. Fabien Prêtre, Co-founder and Managing Director of Easyflyer chose HP Latex Technology for the print quality, rapid employee training, but more importantly the environmental features HP Latex Technology provides.

“From the beginning of Easyflyer’s work in the large-format sector, we have used HP Latex printers. It was an excellent choice, giving us print quality, short maintenance times, rapid employee training and environmental benefits for us and our customers - not to mention our annual growth-rate of 100 per cent.”

Fabien Prêtre, Co-founder and Managing Director of Easyflyer

A health working environment inside and out

Easyflyer chose HP Latex Technology as it is already ecological and doesn’t produce any nasty smells when printing. Making the workplace environment healthier for both the employees and the production workshop. Easyflyer print on a wide range of textile and MA textile canvas which are used in particular to make wallpaper for children’s rooms, public institutions and schools. Using HP Latex Technology gives them the freedom to provide a wide range of indoor and outdoor materials which are odourless and safe for use around children and the general public.

Making the switch

Thousands of business are starting to realise the sheer potential HP Latex Technology can bring to their business. From an ecological perspective and the near limitless printing potentials offered by HP Latex printers. As stricter laws come into force and the demand for environmentally friendly printing rises, making the switch to HP Latex Technology is the next logical step for businesses looking to increase their offerings and comply with the latest environmental laws.

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