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See why Nevsky Plakat Chose HP Latex Technology

See why Nevsky Plakat Chose HP Latex Technology

Increase production volumes

Russian based Large Format Printer Nevsky Plakat made the switch from Solvent based printers to HP latex printers in 2011 with the acquisition of an HP Latex 850. The three meter print width coupled with print quality and versatility, help the company expand rapidly into canvas, fabrics and photo wallpaper printing. Not long after the purchase of the HP Latex 850 orders for specialised prints became too much, to keep up with demand Nevsky Plakat purchased the HP Latex 260.

Meet highly demanding turnarounds

In 2013 Nevsky Plakat acquired the new HP Latex 3000 to keep up with customer demand for high quality print jobs on an ever growing array of media. Since the purchase of the HP Latex 3000 print production has continued to sore, nevertheless, the HP Latex 3000 technology has enabled Nevsky Plakat to keep production times down and customers happy.

“The main advantage of the HP Latex 3000 printer is that it has allowed us to increase our production volumes significantly, enabling us to print more than 2,000 m² per day. Plus, this printer has the new optimiser technology that makes it possible to increase production significantly; and production comes out immediately dry.”

Vladislav Golubev, Head of Production at Nevsky Plakat

The fastest delivery ever

The HP Latex 3000 is one of the most advanced Latex printers on the market, enabling users to go straight to finishing after printing as prints are cured inside the printer. For Nevsky Plakat this instant dry technology has enabled them to increase their print production significantly, allowing them to print up to 2000 sqm per day (roughly the same size as a tennis court!).

Environmentally friendly printing

Just like the smaller Latex machines, the HP Latex 3000 brings environmentally printing into a new industrial era. No VOCs or harmful gasses are released during or after printing and gassing off is no longer required. Allowing prints to be used in areas where odours are a cause for concern. For Nevsky Plakat, this has enabled them to expand their business offerings to Schools, Hospitals and Restaurants. While improving the work place environment for their employees and their visitors.

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