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Introducing the new Onyx 18

Let the new Onyx 18 take your printing to the next level with a totally new colour experience and added power at your fingertips. Raising the bar with new technologies for colour accuracy and colour consistency verification, the Onyx 18 offers superior printing at the touch of a button.

The new Onyx 18 colour experience

The brilliant new core Onyx Color™ enhancements will guarantee you the most detailed and vibrant prints, complete with optimized out-of-the-box pre-sets to get your workflow up and running fast.

You’ll see:

    • Improved black ink combination for crisp shadow details and visible texture
    • Increased saturation for eye-popping reds and oranges
    • The first solution compatible with iccMAX, the new standard recommended by the ICC for all wide-format print applications and, in particular, for soft-signage and textiles.

The evolution of colour management

The Onyx 18 represents a step change in colour management tools and software. This colour engine will have a real impact on your colour output and the results are outstanding. The new hue stabilisation and colour engine enhancements now provide high saturation levels and large output gamut size with your existing calibration and ink settings, while still maintaining sharp image details in shaded areas.

A new level of power and reliability

The Onyx 18 comes equipped for excellence with the new Adobe® PDF Print Engine 5.1, the market-leading print engine.

The advantages of APPE 5.1 put it head-and-shoulders above the rest:

    • A high speed and high-fidelity print platform with RIP speeds that are up to twice as fast as other solutions
    • Productions speeds can be boosted to up to five times faster with Onyx Thrive
    • Support for PDF 2.0 features
    • The expanded spot colour handling accommodates up to 127 colour channels
    • Accelerated processing for patterns and soft masks
    • APPE 5.1 features super-fast algorithms which ensure consistency and reliability across the proofing cycles, minimizing errors and last-minute fixes

Say hello to dynamic production tools

The Onyx 18 puts power into the hands of everyday users by introducing:

    • ColorCheck
    • AccuBoost
    • PosterColor 2.0
    • Swatch Books search for speciality ink
    • Easy cropping during job preparation

If this has whetted your appetite to learn more, talk to the Perfect Colours sales team on 0845 680 9000.

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