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Introducing KernowJet KlearView

Introducing KernowJet KlearView

KernowJet KlearView is a glass-clear polyester film that can be used to create beautiful displays on windows, glass doors and glass partitions. It’s incredibly easy to apply and can be stuck to glass surfaces using clear adhesive mounting pads in just a few seconds. And as the design is visible from both sides, it’s perfect for windows and in-store displays. You can even layer it to create 3D scenic effects.

KernowJet KlearView is very fast and very easy to apply, and using the provided clear adhesive pads, there’s no risk of ugly bubbles. Being able to mount it without professional experience means that anyone on your team will be able to create exquisite window displays in next to no time, and as it’s polyester, it won’t curl, distort or shrink. Furthermore, it can be removed in seconds, ready for your next design to take its place.

This polyester film offers unlimited possibilities for window decals. By using white ink, you can really make your design stand out – a white under-strike will make your colours more punchy and lend a better opacity to the printed design. Or you can experiment with the material’s transparency to create eye-catching effects. Placed at the centre of a sheet of glass, your design will look like it’s suspended in the air.

Another way of using it is to create hanging mobiles, with multiple clear displays to add depthto your message. You can create amazing 3D effects that can be either opaque or let the light shine through.

Key details

  • Clear polyester base
  • KlearView 142SGC: 142 μm – printable with solvent, ecosolvent, UV curable and latex inks – available in 762mm, 1372mm and 1524mm x 30m
  • KlearView 125KBC: 125 μm – printable with UV curable inks – available in 1372mm and 1524mm x 50m
  • KlearView 175KBC: 175 μm – printable with UV curable inks – available in 1372mm and 1524mm x 50m

For more information or to order KernowJet KlearView, call the sales team on 0845 680 9000.

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