Canon to launch new flatbed printers

Canon to launch new flatbed printers

Canon has announced that it is to add a new range of UV flatbed printers to its Oce Arizona Series, according to

Four new models of large-format printers are set to be introduced to the range by the firm. These are the Oce Arizona 640 GT, the Oce Arizona 640 XT, the Oce Arizona 660 GT and the Oce Arizona 660 XT.

The new machines, which are the upgraded version of the Oce Arizona 550 models, are said to have the highest product print speeds ever to be seen in the range. It is also claimed that they will provide more versatility than the former models, due to the fact that they offer up to six independent ink channels. The can be tailored to the needs of print service providers (PSPs).

The printers are said to be ideal to PSPs who are focusing on speciality projects which need to use additional ink channels to extend their range of applications. They are also said to be useful for firms who need to who need to produce high-quality graphics.

Talking about the new range, Bart Heraads, European production print group director for Technical Document Systems (TDS) & Display Graphic Systems (DGS) in Canon Europe, Middle East and Africa, told "The wide format market is growing, with increasing customer demand for new and more imaginative applications."

He continued: "Being able to offer customers something fresh and unique is what can set PSPs apart from their competitors and that is exactly what the new Oce Arizona 600 Series is all about."

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