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Cut your power costs with an HP PageWide XL

There are plenty of reasons to invest in a new HP PageWide XL, but you might not have realised that this outstanding range of printers deliver substantial power savings over the equivalent LED EP printers. And with energy prices continuing to rise, this is a factor that is becoming increasingly important to the buying decision – particularly for heavy users.

Energy-efficient printing with PageWide technology

With its latest PageWide technology, HP has raised the bar when it comes to reducing the environmental impact of its printers. This means that you can feel confident about reaching the green goals that you’ve set for yourself, while at the same time saving money across your workflow with lower power costs.

The PageWide XL range of printers have been designed to be super energy efficient, using significantly less power than other printers in the same class. How has this been achieved? PageWide printers have no need for a fuser element to heat, and moving parts have been minimised. Add to that HP PageWide media – it’s recyclable – and the fact that these printers use less ink, and it’s easy to understand how the range has earned respected FSC and REACH certifications.

PageWide media

It’s important to be able to recycle what you print, so HP have created a range of recyclable media especially for use on their PageWide printers:

    • HP Universal Bond, 3-in Core – a high quality recyclable bond paper that uses 13.5% less ink and provides up to 60% more colour than standard bonds.
    • HP Bright White Inkjet Paper, 3-in Core – a cost-effective paper that’s FSC-certified for professional quality production at high production speeds.
    • HP Universal Blueback Paper, 3-in Core – for breakthrough production speeds and environmentally-friendly printing. Recyclable and FSC certified.

HP takes its environmental responsibilities seriously and is committed to providing its customers printers and consumables that enable them to take care of the environment. PageWide technology and media allows you to print both profitably and responsibly.

For more information on PageWide printers and media, talk to the Perfect Colours sales team on 0845 680 9000.

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