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Keencut SteelTrak ST250 Vertical Cutter - 98in

SKU: ST250

Keencut SteelTrak ST250 Vertical Cutter - 98in - small thumbnail
Keencut SteelTrak ST250 Vertical Cutter - 98in

Key features

  • The cutting head features a rotating turret which holds three separate cutting tools
  • All blades cut on the same line there is no need for multiple measuring stops.
  • A fitted clear strip indicates the precise cutline of all cutting tools, allowing materials to be accurately placed prior to cutting.
  • The lower sections of the legs are telescopic and can be adjusted by 40cm.

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The SteelTrak gives you the flexibility to cut anything from PVC foamboard to steel composite panels. It’s more accurate, consistent, and reliable than any other machine on the market. In a single movement, you can slice easily through the toughest materials to leave a smooth edge with no need for extra finishing. Its unique features will speed up your production, whilst guaranteeing a perfect cut every time. The SteelTrak is the essential tool for a high-volume production unit.