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Summa DC5sx - Large Format Cutter

One machine, countless possibilities. Introducing the most versatile flatbed cutting system ever.

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Summa DC5sx

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The Tangential module is the most powerful and most flexible module: it offers a vertical force of 12 kg and corresponds to a whole range of matching tools. Each tool has its own barcode ID that ensures automatic recognition and parameter setting. For each application, an according tool can be installed on the tangential module.

  • The Kiss cutting tool is able to kiss-cut the most demanding roll-material with the highest accuracy.
  • The Cutout tools are able to cut through: the Single edge cutout tool is appropriate for most detailed cutting (eg. in vinyls, thin cardboard, …).
  • The Double edge cutout tool ensures minimal wear while cutting in tough materials (eg. magnetic, textile …) and the
  • Heavy Duty cutout tool is suitable for thicker materials (eg. softboard, carpet, …).
  • The Electronic Oscillating Tool is most suitable for corrugated cardboard and foamboards.
  • The various Creasing Wheels make folds in a variety of cardboards.
  • The Drag module is a super fast module for making notations with pens or kiss-cutting a wide range of materials with a pressure of 600 gr. using a drag knife.