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SEAL AquaSEAL 1600

SKU: S62UP61

Key features

  • Smooth and consistant coating thicknesses
  • Infrared curing system
  • Gravity fed fluid application system
  • Roll-to-roll feed and take-up systems
  • Auto-grip shafts for easy loading and positioning of materials
  • Stainless steel parts for easy cleanup

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Liquid Coater

Automated liquid coater that applies a smooth liquid laminate coating for a wide range of outdoor materials up to 1524 mm wide, including billboards, vehicle and building signage, promotions, trade show and fleet graphics, and much more. With its roll-to-roll finishing capabilities it provides fast, efficient and uniform coatings for extensive outdoor signage applications. The AS 1600 is easy to operate and is an inexpensive finishing solution that you can count on to save your business time and money.