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Epson large format printers

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Epson has been creating market-leading printers since 1968, when it launched the world’s first miniprinter, known as the EP-101. Now, its portfolio consists of hundreds of models, including a wide selection of large format printers, ideal for a range of businesses.

Also known as wide format printers, these machines can print up to 100 inches wide (254cm) and are therefore perfect for producing everything from backdrops for sets and murals, to banners and posters.

We stock a variety of Epson large format printers, which we’ve detailed in the categories below. If you have any questions about any of our Epson products, please get in touch – our experts at happy to help in any way they can.

Epson technical large format printers

At current, we stock three technical and CAD printers from the SureColor T series: T7200, T5200 and T3200, as well as the Epson Stylus Pro 4450. Each printer has unique benefits – for example the T7200 has 1GB of RAM to allow for ultra-fast image processing. Outputting is also speedy: an A1 image takes just 28 seconds to print.

The T5200 has ultra-fast image processing too, but its flexibility is what makes it really stand out. Featuring double rolls with auto media switching and auto paper loading, this model is highly productive, perfect for any busy printing company.

The compact T3200 is ideal for the office environment, thanks to its size, low noise levels and sleek design. It’s easy to use and just as efficient as the T7200 model – what’s not to love?

While the Stylus Pro 4450 cannot produce as large prints as the other models, it is perfect for businesses that lack space but need jobs completed quickly and efficiently. You’ll also benefit from a low cost of ownership, as it uses individual print cartridges, meaning you’ll need to change them less often than other models.

Epson T5200
Epson graphics printers

Epson large format graphics printers

Whether you’re printing on canvas or paper, Epson’s range of graphics and photo printers are designed to deliver high-quality prints at speed. The most compact model we stock, the Stylus Pro 4900, prints up to 17 inches wide, which is ideal for professional photographs. Don’t judge it by its size: this printer has an impressive production speed of 30m² an hour, can automatically switch between matte black and photo inks and is capable of printing on a range of media up to 1.5mm thick.

At the other end of the scale, we have the SureColor P9000, which prints up to 64 inches wide. It features an UltraChrome HDX ten-colour pigment ink set, enabling the production of 99% of Pantone-certified colours – you’d be hard pushed to get a more accurate print! The P9000 is easy to use too, thanks to the LCD control panel and menu.

Epson dye sublimation large format printers

If you’re looking for a fabric printer which produces rich, long-lasting colours, look no further than Epson’s range of dye sublimation large format printers. Our range of SureColor models deliver excellent results and are suitable for producing a variety of textiles, from clothing and sportwear, to home furnishings and banners.

Want to break into the soft signage industry but are limited when it comes to budget? The F6000 is perfect for your needs. It prints up to 42 inches wide and has a print speed as fast as 63m² per hour. Its large ink capacity (1.5 litres) means you can print for long periods with no need for interruption.

Need to upgrade to something larger? The F9200, F7200 and F7100 can all print up to 64 inches wide. Each model is designed to produce the very best prints for as low a cost as possible, so you’re not stuck for choice!

Epson dye sub printers
Epson outdoor printers

Epson outdoor printers

Epson’s SureColor range consists of some of the best Eco Solvent printers on the market, ideal for any businesses looking to produce materials for outdoor applications, such as POS, vehicle wraps and backlit panels.

The S70600 stands out as being the first 64-inch Epson printer to support white and metallic ink simultaneously; it also has the widest colour gamut of the series, so you know every print will look stunning. Meanwhile the S50600 boasts its prints are not only high-quality, they will last outdoors for up to three years.

Be sure to check out the full range of Epson models on our site – we’re stocking new machines all the time, so if you’re looking to upgrade an existing model get in touch with us today.