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Xerox Multifunction Printers

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American company Xerox have been synonymous with high-quality office products since their conception in 1960. From scanning solutions to printers and computers – the Xerox product range is large and diverse.

They’ve also led the way – did you know that Xerox were actually the first to invent the computer mouse and the desktop computers? However, the Xerox board of directors weren’t so sure about the possibilities of the ideas and insisted they be shared with Apple and then with Microsoft. This decision led to these two companies dominating the personal computing market.

Where Xerox are leading the way is with multifunction printers, offering different types according to a variety of business needs. Here at Perfect Colours we are pleased to stock many high-quality Xerox products, here are the details:

Xerox Office Printers

If you don’t require a large printer, yet want a reliable machine which will produce high-quality prints, then the Xerox office printers are the range you need. We have a huge number available either with print sizes of A3 or A4, these are ideal for standard business use. Print speed varies with some, such as the Xerox Phaser 4622, printing an incredible 62 pages per minute. If you are looking for an environmentally friendly printer then have a look at the Xerox ColorQube 8580 which is a cartridge free, eco-responsible printer. Finally, we also have a range of Xerox office printers which incorporate not only printing capabilities, but photocopying too. Take a look at the Xerox D95 series Copier and Printer as a great example.

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Xerox Multifunction Printers

With so much technology now required to get things done, businesses are increasingly looking for something which does everything they need in one go, and that’s where multifunction printers are rising in popularity. These money-saving machines will print, copy, scan, fax and email, and we have a fantastic range from Xerox. All come complete with wi-fi connectivity giving you the flexibility with where to locate such a large piece of equipment. If you don’t have much space though, then take a look at the Xerox WorkCentre 6025, the smallest of the MFP’s. For the busiest of offices, we recommend the Xerox WorkCentre 5300 MFP Series which delivers critical productivity advantages through fantastic efficiency and workplace optimised processes.

Xerox Production Printers and Digital Presses

Xerox offers the largest range of cut-sheet digital presses and production printers on the market. These are printers which are ideal for graphics communications and combine high-quality vibrancy with speed. We particularly like the Xerox D136, which although is a large model and will require a substantial space to locate it, delivers superior monochrome performance, printing up to 136 pages per minute. Alternatively, for the very best image quality consider the Xerox iGen 150 which achieves new standards of quality when it comes to printing digital images. There’s also no drying time needed.

Whatever your needs, we are sure that our range of Xerox multifunction printers will include the one you need. If you’re still unsure then please do give us a call, our team of experts will be happy to advise you to find the ideal for printer for your business needs.

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