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HP Latex 3500

Delivering a profound new level of productivity and operational efficiency for even the most demanding sectors of industry


Key features

  • HP Dynamic Swathi Alignment and OMAS Technology helps surpass banding and even the highest print speeds
  • Reduce bottlenecks and increase turnaround times with HP Latex In-line Slitters
  • Superb indoor and outdoor print quality with a wide colour gamut using 6 coloured inks at 1200 DPI
  • Proof while printing with LED Proofing lights for on-printer visual assessment and proofing
  • Increase production levels with heavy-duty rolls and 10-liter ink supplies, ideal for overnight printing
  • Reduce media wastage and material costs with the true production printing system

Discontinued printer

This printer has been Discontinued and replace by the HP Latex 3600. You can view the new printer by clicking the button below

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Meeting customer demands and deadlines

The HP Latex 3500 brings in a new era of production printing for HP Latex printers, by delivering a profound new level of productivity and operational efficiency for even the most demanding sectors of industry. Designed for dedicated application production the HP Latex 3500 uses new material handling technology and innovations in design to deliver even higher volume workflows.

New innovations in material handling

Print overnight completely unattended using the new heavy duty roll handling system designed for printing oversized rolls. Responding to the industry need for standardised workflows and a need for greater unattendedness around the printer, the HP Latex 3500 helps businesses increase workflow while making the most out of current labor resources.

HP Latex 3500 close up with media lifting device 
HP Latex 3500 central support for large media rolls 

Time saving features

The HP Latex 3500 takes full advantage of the new 10-liter latex inks, dual-roll split spindles and introduces HPs new Latex in-line slitters for automatic media cutting. The 10 liter ink system combined with the increased media handling capabilities – single roll handling of 1 x 300kg, 40cm diameter (16 inches) and dual-roll handling of 2 x 200 kg, 40cm diameter (16 inches), making it possible to print up to 12 hours completely uninterrupted. The In-Line slitters help increase job turnaround times by significantly increasing productivity compared to manual cutting, especially on full width 3.2 meter prints.

Better proofing and inspecting

Built in LED proofing lights enable print operators to visually inspect the media on the fly, while a front and backlight enables better proofing on backlit applications. Similar to the HP Latex 3100, the HP Latex 3500 comes with the traffic light visual status system for quick printer status checking and full integration with the HP Latex Mobile App for remote monitoring and system checking. The Latex 3500 is JDF enabled, meaning greater improvements in production planning and more accurate costings and estimates.

HP Latex 3500 right hand image with dual roll and control centre