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estefold 4210

Key features

  • Up to 930mm folding width
  • Available in either 4 or 6 meters in length folding option
  • 8 pre programmed folding styles
  • Panel width: 180mm – 210mm
  • High fold precision at high speeds
  • Manual feed system

Buying options

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Ideal central folding device

The Estefold 4210 is ideal for folding drawings, plots, copies and blue prints at medium to high printing volumes. Available in either 4 or 6 meter folding lengths including the capability to cross fold documents up to 2.5m to A4 size. The Estefold 4210 is an ideal central folding device for several print departments.

Easy To Use

The Estefold 4210 is capable of producing high quality folds at any speed, with an easy to use interface and efficient folding with or without tabs the Este 4210 makes light work of long folding runs.

Ergonomic Comfort

With the feeding tray and collection tray located at a comfortable height it enables the user to collect and feed documents without the need to bend.

Fully Finished Output

Once the document has been folded it is placed on the conveyor with the title block facing up and slightly offset from the rest of the folding documents. Thus making it easier for single document collection.