Drupa Report honoured at BCP awards

The third edition of 'The Drupa Report' has been honoured with a silver Best Of Corporate Publishing (BCP) award in the 'print and innovation' category.

Bcp-award.com reports that the paper's authors were awarded the gong at the BCP's tenth annual awards show in Berlin on Friday evening.

This is the second year running that the publication has won the award. In an interview with graphicrepro.co.za, Drupa director Manuel Matare explained that the authors were keen to showcase how the print industry could remain innovative in this day and age.

He said: "The Drupa Report is the best proof that print still has innovation and creativity, even in the digital age. With the focus on the topic of 'paper' we also wanted to underline that this resource still plays a central and inspiring role in the competition of the media."

The magazine featured plenty of written ideas about how innovation and print still go hand in hand in every area, from magazines to outdoor printing. It also showcased plenty of these ideas in its own design, using several different paper types and printing techniques throughout its 62 pages.

Amongst the formats used in the magazine were DIN A4, fold-out pages, laser punching, scented print and hot foil laminations.

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