FESPA to issue guide to non-members

FESPA to issue guide to non-members

FESPA has announced it will issue a revised 'Planet Friendly Printing Guide' to non-members, in an attempt to tackle growing sustainability concerns, Large Format Review writes.

The Federation of Screen and Digital Printers Association's guide, which explains the myths surrounding "environmental best practice" for those using commercial and wide-format printers, was first published in 2007. It was released exclusively within its 37 member associations.

It has been reprinted several times since its original publication, demonstrating just how many changes have occurred within the realms of printer sustainability.

Recognising that the issue has now become part of many businesses' corporate social responsibility policy, the body has agreed to produce an abridged version for non-members throughout the world.

In addition, FESPA will allow access to some of its other guidance, including presentations on sustainable printers and news from past global summits.

FESPA's managing director, Neil Felton explained the move to Graphic Repro as a way to help navigate the "challenging route to sustainability".

"The issue of sustainability in printing has long been recognised by FESPA as pressing," he said, "as evidenced by our efforts to raise awareness of the issue, encourage printers to adopt more planet friendly printing practices and offer practical advice and expert insight to printers - wherever they are on the journey to sustainability." 

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