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Perfect Colours Goes Green with NatureWoven!

Perfect Colours Goes Green with NatureWoven!

Going Green with NatureWovenWe are pleased to announce a NEW range of environmentally friendly media to our customers. NatureWoven™ produce a range of innovative media which are biodegradable and compostable. They can be used for many different applications including the billboard and large-scale graphics displays.They offer an environmentally-friendly alternative to PVC material for people looking to extend their CSR beliefs into the work they are producing.The materials are made from plant fibres, such as natural latex and cotton from the rubber tree. They are then transformed into NatureWoven media which can then be recycled back into the environment as a natural fertilizer which also improves the quality of the soil it decomposes into. Being 100% biodegradable they avoid any need for wastage and being put into a landfill."As well as being a green alternative to PVC-based media, NatureWoven is priced extremely competitively when compared to non-green products.  It specifically addresses the evermore important environmental and corporate social responsibility concerns of brand owners and printers across the globe." "Increased government legislation and consumer demand is driving the move towards a more sustainable, biodegradable approach in business and NatureWoven enables companies to align their 'green' initiatives with the output they are creating"- Jason Burroughs, Managing DirectorSome of the key environmental features of this being
  • Made from predominantly sustainable plants,
  • Able to be printed on industry standard machines to a high level compared to alternatives,
  • Sold at a price point comparable to industry standard products - no premium for green.
  • It can be disposed of at the end of its life in a greener way, thereby reducing the waste to landfill.
 Find out more about these products on our NatureWoven Page

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