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Samsung to take shot at HP's crown with new printer?

Samsung to take shot at HP's crown with new printer?

Samsung is banking on the development of a new type of printer to help it dethrone Hewlett Packard as the global king of printing systems. writer Paolo Del Nibletto highlights that Lexmark, Canon and Epson have all tried and so far failed to break HP's chokehold on the printing market. 

Mr Del Nibletto believes South Korean technology giant Samsung is more than capable of taking on the company and has even set itself a target of leading the A4 printing sector by 2017. Judging by recent comments, it might be ready to take a shot at the large format printing market too. 

Samsung is looking to grow its printing arm by utilising its expertise in the mobility space, but the company says a new type of printer, specifically one which doesn't have so many moving parts, can also aid its case. 

According to Dr Kiho Kim, the executive vice president at Samsung, the use of moving parts only leads to more wear and tear inside the machine. 

The company is looking to build a system which replaces these parts with new styled electronics and software that should give the customer more flexibility when delivering their requests. 

Cited by, Dr Kim said that Samsung will also make up the ground on HP by concentrating on the SMB and B2B area whilst bringing mobile technology closer to printing. 

"We want to make it so easy that Dumb and Dumber can print from a mobile device," he commented. 

"The first step is to provide that kind of smart experience." 

The company already has a mobile print app as well as a native photo printing app, while software vendors and channel partners have been enlisted to build upon this technology. 

"This is another way to go for us and it will bring in a lot of capabilities to the printing space," added Dr Kim.    

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