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HP Launch 2 New Production Designjet Printers

HP Launch 2 New Production Designjet Printers

On Wednesday the 23rd of April 2014, HP announced the release of two new Designjet printers, these new printers are the HP Designjet Z6800 and the Designjet Z6600. They are the fastest 60in graphics production printers on the market1, with stunning image quality and better colour reproduction. These printers will succeed the HP Designjet Z6200 60in, the Designjet Z6200 will continue as a 42in printer.

The HP Designjet Z6800 is HPs new flagship 8 colour graphics printer with an incredible print speed of 140m2/hr, inbuilt i1 Pro Colour Spectrophotometer for building custom ICC profiles and a faster processor for processing large files quickly. The Designjet Z6800 gives you the freedom to print directly from within your favorite design program, whether thats Photoshop, Illustrator or even GIMP. It uses HPs advanced Double Swatch and Optical Media Advance Sensor (OMAS) to ensure high quality printing, even at faster speeds, giving you the opportunity to get more done in less time.

The HP Designjet Z6600 is the 6 colour alternative to the Designjet Z6800, like the Z6800 the Z6600 has a print speed of 140m2/hr, with an inbuilt i1 Pro photospectrometer and a media cutter for easy print handling. Producing stunning event graphics, pop up displays and even large format, full colour maps has never been so easy. The unattended print features allows you to load jobs, hit print and let the printer do the rest.

Increasing your business offerings is simple with the new Designjet production printers, they allow you to offer high quality prints in record time, across a wide range of substrates. From stunning black and white prints thanks to the three shades of black, to smooth, crisp skin tones produced using the chromatic red ink.

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