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Caldera V11: The Reasons Why You Need It!

Caldera V11: The Reasons Why You Need It!

For 25 years Caldera has been the top software for quality prints and now has upgrade to bring more power and precision for its loyal users.

It’s hard to believe that it’s 25 years since the very first version of Caldera’s image control software came onto the market but now, a quarter of a century later, we’re up to Version 11 of its signature. In its new incarnation, V11 brings more power and precision to your printing, so whether you’re a long-time Caldera user or a complete novice, switching to V11 will put you in control of your print processes like never before.

Features and benefits for powerful solutions

Naturally, with each new version of the Caldera RIP suite, we make improvements to existing features and introduce new advances in the technology and V11 is no exception. Check out these features and benefits, then imagine how they could make your life easier, put you in control and enable you to print without limitations.

  1. Caldera V11 is a high-quality, high-tech RIP package for wide-format print and production, incorporating easy to use features such as nesting and step-and-repeat.
  2. The latest version builds on our existing award-winning suites of workflow programs to not only boost production but also to make it more cost effective than ever before.
  3. Control and navigation is intuitive and the visual formatting shows edits as they’re made.
  4. The suite includes colour management, imaging and driving solutions for large- and grand-format peripherals.
  5. New features include the latest edition of Adobe PDF Print Engine (APPE4), which has been developed specifically for wide format production through advances in the management of caching, memory and technical settings.
  6. Spot colour management has been expanded to 127 spots simultaneously to greatly improve selective colour for sign and display producers.
  7. Furthermore, the new version of APPE includes Tile Parallel Processing, which speeds up system performance by splitting components of larger image files into manageable tiles for parallel processing. This means rendering times are reduced and jobs are RIPed more quickly.
  8. V11 introduces True Bleed, which enables users to clone pixels around the edge of an image regardless of its shape to create better edge finishing. Ideal for use with print-and-cut, textiles and canvas. True Bleed can be combined with Contour Nesting and other media optimization options in all RIP packages, including GrandRIP+, VisualRIP+, TextilePRO and several OEM solutions.
  9. Run on a dedicated PC, V11 can handle larger file formats without interfering with the speed and performance of other programs.
  10. Sync & Deploy is a new feature that allows users to run the same RIP setting across different printers, locations and environments. This reduces installation times by sending the configuration to multiple stations. Critical data such as drivers, ICC profiles and presets for colour and data management can be shared so owners can scale their businesses.
  11. Users can create and enable ‘Print Clusters’, using a fleet of like machines for faster results via logical multi-device production.
  12. For users of more than one brand of printer, Caldera makes things easier by standardizing the different print drivers.
  13. V11 is a Linux-based platform, which offers substantial advantages, including virus resistance.
  14. Upgrading from earlier versions of Caldera is quick and easy.
  15. When problems arise, TeamViewer enables a speedy diagnosis.
  16. V11 can be used in conjunction with multiple bolt-ons, such as Ink Performer and CostPROOF, to allow for more production-oriented use without upgrading to a more expensive version.
  17. V11 is compliant with macOS Sierra and is available in multiple languages.

For more information or to book a demonstration, contact your usual Perfect Colours representative and we’ll talk you through it!

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