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Nuance Ethernet Card Reader

Pull-printing solutions for your HP DesignJets and Page Wide XLs

Were you aware that your HP DesignJet and HP PageWide XL printers are compatible with pull-printing solutions? With a Nuance Ethernet Card Reader, you can install an ID card system into your printer and securely release documents from the print queue. What’s more, this high-security solution is easy to install and simple to use – it’s the cost-effective way of ensuring secure document release to all your devices.

The challenge

Businesses need to protect themselves from the risks of leaving print jobs unattended. Installing security procedures can protect you from these risks, while at the same time decreasing print costs as print jobs are no longer being printed and left unclaimed. Without this type of protection, documents can fall into the wrong hands and lead to compliance issues and fines. The right type of security can ensure that you meet compliance regulations and enable you to enforce standardized processes.

Introducing the Nuance Ethernet Card Reader

The Nuance Ethernet Card Reader allows users to swipe an ID card to release their documents from the user print queue, either one at a time or all together. The result is a more streamlined and efficient printing process, with increased security authentication – and it’s easy to install and to use. This is a cost-effective solution for providing Follow-You and Secure Document Release functionality for smaller network printers.

Key features:

    • Single device, with integrated Ethernet ports and card reader
    • Simple to install and deploy
    • Secure authentication of print jobs
    • Secure print release, either one document at a time or all together
    • More secure card reader
    • Enhanced encryption
    • Nuance software integrated solution
    • Nuance branded Ethernet card reader
    • Supports multiple card reader options: integrated multi-card, multi + iClass and Legic

For more information or a quote, call the sales team on 0845 680 9000.

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