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The new HP F40 – precision folding for your PageWide

The new HP F40 joins the existing line-up of XL PageWide online folders to provide high-speed productivity gains, full online integration and a versatile solution for folding all your documents. It will organise your work at the touch of a button, folding to the exact specifications you require.

Full online integration

Using HP SmartStream software, your print driver or the printer touchscreen, you’ll be able to control the folder and the folding styles, and monitor and manage HP Folding Solutions. The bi-directional communication between the printer and the folder ensures reliable system operation, and the job queue halts when the folder has stopped.

Fast folding

Use your HP F40 Folder to boost your end-to-end productivity, as it keeps up with the breakthrough linear speeds of the HP PageWide XL printers – with folding speeds of up to 23 m (75 ft) per minute. It will also keep your jobs organised with the ability to stack up to 150 A0/E-size folded pieces.

The versatile folding solutions

The HP F40 is part of a team, along with the HP F70 and HP F60, giving you a choice of folding solutions depending on your workspace and volume needs. The F40 represents the more compact end-to-end solution, and will enable you to fold all your documents using either pre-defined or custom folding programs. You can choose from a variety of folding standards including DIN, AFNOR, ANSI and US.

Tech spec

  • Speed – 10 A1/min
  • Paper feed – automatic
  • Paper width – 297 to 914 mm/11 to 36 in
  • Paper length fan fold – up to 6,000mm/19.7 ft
  • Paper length cross fold – up to 3,000mm/9.8 ft
  • Paper weight – 60 to 110 gsm
  • Paper type – plain or bond
  • Output delivery – standard belt, capacity for up to 80 A0/E-size folded packages
  • Dimensions – 1779mm x 851mm x 931mm
  • Operating temperature – 15 to 35° C

For more information or to order an HP F40, call the sales team on 0845 680 9000.

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