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How to turn print innovations into opportunities

How to turn print innovations into opportunities

Printing technology is on fire – new print innovations are constantly appearing, making our workflows faster and more efficient while enabling us to create things undreamed of just a few years, or even months, ago! These ongoing changes have the potential to transform the way print service providers do business – but sometimes the biggest challenge is in recognising how to make the most of an ever-expanding world of opportunities.

Embrace the new – exceed expectations

Your clients always want more for less. More print for less money, faster, better quality, new and exciting – the pressure is always on you to produce and deliver. But with the latest innovations, you’ll be able to do this and even exceed their expectations. It’s all about embracing change and investing appropriately.

New printers, substrates, inks and finishing techniques are constantly emerging. Your competitors will be investing in some or all of them, and using the new technology to gain competitive advantage. You can’t afford to get left behind – but your decisions need to be based on sound commercial sense, not just snapping up the latest piece of kit like a magpie who’s seen something shiny.

Here are some considerations for choosing where to invest in new technology:

New printers

A new printer can revolutionise your workflow, and will help small to medium-sized print businesses grow. Better quality output will improve customer satisfaction, and increased efficiency will help to drive costs down. New machines that can offer overnight printing or value-added features will help to make your business more competitive.

New software

In the world of wide-format printing, the software you use is just as important as the hardware. This means making sure all your printer drivers are up to date at the very least. But if you really want to see your business thrive, investing in the latest cutting-edge software for print management, design and colour management can take your operation to the next level. The most demanding clients expect absolute colour consistency and accuracy, which can only be achieved with top quality print software.

Identifying new products for new markets

As exciting as new print innovations appear at a demo, you really need to work out how and where an innovation could fit with your current business. Innovations can broaden your offering as well as enable you to tap into new market sectors – and both of these will fuel growth. And in a world in which print is often seen as old-fashioned or out of date, the latest technology can prove otherwise.

For example, 3D installations such as tension fabric frames, can be used to enhance your current billboard and banner offerings. Print is a physical and tactile medium that can be used to create extraordinary installations. New substrates and materials are made into possibilities by the advent of new printing technologies – now you can print on mirrored surfaces and a huge range of rigid substrates that would have been previously impractical.

Innovating for the planet

An increasing number of your clients are becoming concerned about the sustainability of their print purchases and want to minimise their environmental impact. Embracing green innovations will not only benefit the planet, but it will benefit your business too. Using water-based inks and non-PVC substrates can provide your clients with the same quality and variety of print solutions in a more environmentally friendly package.

In other words, if you want your business to thrive in the future, you need to embrace the future in the form of printing innovations. Perfect Colours will be able to help you see the way forward in a rapidly-changing market, so talk to our print experts on 0845 680 9000.

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