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Using floor graphics for creative marketing

Using floor graphics for creative marketing

Floor graphics provide a highly effective and creative way of spreading the good word of a company across some of the least cluttered areas of an environment.

The idea is that passers-by can receive certain messages without striking up a conversation with a representative, getting hassled by a salesperson or seeing an advert fed to them while they're trying to do something else. Walking is a pretty mundane activity at the best of times and an eye-catching graphic might give pedestrians something a little more interesting to focus on.

Billboards, posters and many other forms of outdoor advertising perform a similar role but at a much higher cost, which is why so many companies are placing their faith in floor graphics to deliver the desired effect.

As for what they demand out of their material, it's entirely up to the business in question.

Short messages

Small messages urging customers to connect with a company via social media or email certainly lend themselves to floor graphics due to the short, sharp language they use. 'Join us on Facebook' or 'Follow the company on Twitter' accompanied by relevant imagery and a strong colour scheme is all it takes to grab someone's attention and force them into an action. For delivering calls to action, floor graphics are the perfect match.

Leading the way

Part of marketing's remit is to lead customers into a store, and floor graphics can do this in a very literal sense. By placing footsteps or arrows on a 100-metre route leading up to their location, businesses can draw pedestrians in without having to place representatives outside the door. This also helps people that are actually looking for the company's building but require help in finding it.

Highlighting presence

For a company that sells products in a particular store, floor graphics could be the best way to switch customers on to where their goods can be found. Pharmacies, supermarkets and department stores contain thousands of products from an ever-expending range of different brands, meaning the makers of these goods face a huge battle to get themselves noticed.

A few well-placed floor graphics in the lead up to an escalator, between an aisle or even next to the front door could highlight the presence of a brand before the customer has even started shopping.


Finally, companies often attempt to place most of their key marketing messages at eye-level, but this isn't always the best way to go.

Some would argue that having too many messages in the same place can actually bewilder the average passer-by and cause them to ignore the calls to action altogether. Floor graphics mixes things up by putting these same messages on the ground, where people will divert their attention at certain stages of their journey through a store or building.

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