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Eco-friendly inks lead Bevan Group to 'greener', more profitable horizons

Eco-friendly inks lead Bevan Group to 'greener', more profitable horizons

Commercial freight vehicle bodybuilder the Bevan Group is revelling in the carbon-savings yielded from its new eco-friendly large format printing equipment. reports that the West Midlands-based company, whose in-house graphics team specialises in designing truck prints, is offering a faster and more comprehensive service thanks to its investment.

The printer uses nickle-free inks and is said to benefit the company by improving employee safety; as well as enhancing the firm's 'green' credentials.

"Our new printer uses nickel-free inks with a low VOC (volatile organic compound) content, which helps us to reduce our carbon footprint and create a safer working environment," graphics manager John Enright explained on

"Because the inks are eco-friendly, the product can be stored without risk and the cartridges recycled rather than being treated as hazardous material," he added.

In addition, the inks could actually be saving the firm money. That's because the new eight-cartridge print system uses a wider range of colours than the previous model whilst also making better use of the quantity of ink used. Therefore, customers receive faster turnarounds at a lower cost to the company.

All this helps the Bevan Group become the one-stop-shop it desires to be for commercial vehicle body printing. It even deals in vinyl cutting facilities which are capable of producing anything from a small logo, or livery, to a full vehicle wrap.

"Our high-impact liveries combine strong adherence characteristics with excellent durability, and we use quality branded materials to ensure the right product for every application," Mr Enright concluded.

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