Wiltshire-based graphics firm puts faith in HP presses once again

Wiltshire-based graphics firm puts faith in HP presses once again

Wiltshire-based display graphics company Image Factory has invested in HP's expertise as a master press-maker for the second time, reports printweek.com.

According to the publication, Image Factory has bought its second digital flatbed industrial press in as many years - namely, a Scitex FB7600. It will be added to the company's existing FB7500, affirming its love for HP large format printers.

The purchase is significant, as it illustrates Image Factory's desire to move away from its screen printing lines towards a fully digital production house.

Hp.com's product specification of the FB7600 confirms how flexible the press is - in terms of what it can print on, to what size, and to what quality.

The 3.2 metre wide format printer can print on plastics, paper, foam board and corrugated board, up to 1,650 x 3,200mm on thicknesses of 25mm.

However, Image Factory's head of digital technologies Tim Boore was more impressed by being able to print using HP's FB225 white Scitex ink, which will change the way the business does many jobs.

"The ability to print white really puts the last nail in the coffin for screen as far as we're concerned," he says. "We will retain our last screen line for one and two-colour jobs and special projects requiring metallic inks, but our normal work is going to be digital."

He added: "The result of these investments is that we have presses with identical functionality that enable us to move work from screen to digital."

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