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Wallpaper printing made easy with the HP Latex range

Wallpaper printing made easy with the HP Latex range

Over the past few years, wallpaper has made a serious comeback. More and more people are choosing wallpaper over paint when redecorating their homes, despite the fact it can be trickier to apply than paint. It doesn't have to be difficult though and the HP Latex range seeks to make wallpapering much easier and more accessible than ever before. Moreover, customers can completely customise how they want their new room to look, so the HP Latex range is sure to be attractive to many.

Flexible printing

One of the great things about the new Latex range is that you can print on almost anything, from textiles, to self-adhesive vinyl and even embossed media. The range is very flexible, so customers can have their design printed on a wide range of materials, allowing them to get the results they want.

When printing, you can choose to print just one wall or as many walls as you want. This eliminates the expensive screen or cylinder that's needed in order for wallpaper to be made in the traditional way. The ink is fast-drying too, so you don't have to wait around too long before you can apply to the desired surface.

Easy to use software

The HP Wall Art Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution makes the entire design and print process very simple. Customers or businesses use the online service to either select or upload the images they need for their wall art. They can then build a virtual model of the room they wish to redecorate to see how their new creation looks. This is done by dragging and dropping in room features, such as windows, making the process both fast and easy.

In the past, the only way someone would be able to see what their redesigned room would look like would be through an illustration. Hiring an illustrator is often not cheap and would take much longer than giving someone the tools to be able to do it themselves.

Simple to apply

Even applying the wallpaper itself is easy. The wallpaper is pre-pasted, so all that's needed is water to apply and remove the paper. No special ventilation is required either when printing the wallpaper, as the printers use water-based HP Latex ink, meaning no odour. Moreover, HP PVC-free wallpaper is Greenguard Children & Schools Certified, allowing it to be used in schools and medical centres. This opens up wallpaper printing to a whole new range of businesses, as not only will children love the bold, bright and colourful designs, it's entirely safe for them too.

The HP Latex range makes the entire process of printing wallpaper quick, easy and cost-effective. It has even made interior design in general simple, allowing customers to see what their entire room will look like before they request their wallpaper to be printed.

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