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Poster design and printing top tips

Poster design and printing top tips

When designing effective posters you will need to consider what type of finish will make your poster stand out from all the rest. There are loads of large format printers out there which can print your poster in exceptional quality, a quality so great that their prints are used in art galleries and museums. However, sometimes considering a different media such as wood, glass or even tin foil can really help get your message across. After all, your goals when it comes to creating the perfect poster are to attract a particular viewer's attention, and concisely provide said viewer with easily digestible information; any technique or material that can help you better attain these goals are well worth pursuing!

Enter the world of Latex Printing

HP Latex printers can print on such a vast array of substrates, so coming up with an innovative poster design has never been easier. Printing on everything from fabrics and textiles to wallpaper and magnetic signage, HP Latex printers are ideal for producing something unique which stands out from the crowd. An added bonus of latex printing is that it's ideal for creating posters that will be displayed both indoors and outdoors; the high specification formulation of latex ink makes it particularly durable, and therefore ideal for use outdoors, in any weather.

How about white?

It's always worth taking extra steps to make your design stand out, and with larger; more customisable printers, you have access to a far greater range of options for furthering the appeal of your poster. For example, most flatbed printers are capable of printing white ink, an underused shade in posters, and one that really stands out from the crowd.To further increase the effectiveness of using white ink in your poster design try using a transparent substrate such as glass, or even a translucent substrate; using light to your advantage can really make a poster pop. Some of the most creative advertisements use light to draw the eye and create different messages depending on the time of day; or on variable light sources like street lamps or car headlights. It may seem like a bit of a gimmick on the surface, but such 'outside if the box' design work is key to getting consumers interested in, and talking about, the poster that you've designed, and by extension, the information displayed on it.

Making an advert stand out by using light

Making an advert stand out by using light
Image source: Creativebloq

Using daylight to create a stunning effect

Use daylight to create stunning effects
Image source: CreativebloqEven though the above picture uses a cut away billboard, the same affect could easily be achieved enhanced by printing on a mirror or glass.

Choose the right size

Posters come in all shapes and sizes, and choosing the right one for your particular design is critical to the ultimate success of your poster's design. Contrary to popular belief, bigger is not always better; if you use design effectively you can drive a greater impact with an A5 poster than a 50ft poster. More detailed designs benefit in some ways from the greater clarity of a billboard sized poster, but at the same time, particular detail may require a larger amount of attention on the part of consumers, and therefore require a smaller poster which will be easier to view up close.That is why large format posters are often better suited to simpler designs and messages, as such sizes of poster tend to attract a smaller window of attention from consumers; if too much detail or information is placed onto a large scale poster, too much of the message may be lost on consumers. A simple, attractive design would do far better in its stead. Still, the crucial point is to ensure that your poster carries a clear and concise message, and whichever size of poster is best able to convey this message, is the one which you should choose.

Providing creative solutions

If you are looking to use a large format printer to expand your current range of business offerings, make sure to consider what will deliver the best results for your clients. When it comes to any creative role, innovation is a key way to achieve this; being proactive, and consistently offering creative solutions to problems, is the best way to stay in the good graces of your client. Having the right printer for the job is a key part of this; allowing you to best facilitate the most creative and effective designs that come into your head! The right tools, plus your ideas, equal happy clients!

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