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Onyx 12 - Faster RIPing Speeds ands Greater Performance

Onyx 12 - Faster RIPing Speeds ands Greater Performance

ONYX have just released a new update to their wide format printing RIP; ONYX 12 comes as a massive improvement over ONYX 11 with almost twice the performance boost and even faster RIPing speeds all thanks to the 64bit architecture. The main focus of ONYX 12 has been on improving its print preview technology, allowing prints to become more predictable and allowing users to print jobs right first time around.

Big performance gains have been made possible by utilising the full 64bit architecture of the host machine, this has enabled the programme to use memory more efficiently and as a result is almost twice as fast as ONYX 11. ONYX 12 also features the latest Adobe Print Engine 3.6 for greater PDF handling, delivering optimised end-to-end PDF workflows.

There have been a few improvements to the user interface, one of these improvements is the addition of interactive job listings so operators can easily locate jobs and adjust job settings as required. User can also see live previews of crop marks, grommets marks and cut paths before they are placed on the print for perfectly finished prints.

How do I upgrade?

If you are an OYNX Advantage user and still in contract it is included in your contract period, licenses can be requested by contacting Perfect Colours on 0845 680 9000. If you are a current ONYX users but not part of their advantage scheme please contact us on 0845 600 9000 and we’ll help get you enrolled. Finally, if you would like to trial the new RIP give us a call on the numbers stated above and we’ll arrange a personalised product tour.

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