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Media Spotlight: Ultraflex UltraVision Window Perf 60/40 UV

Ultraflex UltraVision Window Perf 60/40 UV is a perforated, white gloss, calendared graphic film which is most suitable for exterior-mounted two-way window applications. These could include shop, office, restaurant or even hotel windows, as this perforated one-way vision window film allows users to transform window surfaces into stunning creative displays, while at the same time providing privacy for the interiors.

Key features

  • UltraVision Window Perf has a 40 percent open area to allow for optimal one-way viewing, while still allowing light in
  • It can be printed on the front non-adhesive side using solvent, eco-solvent or UV inks
  • Widths: 1370mm/54”
  • Thickness: 160 microns without the protective paper and adhesive
  • Adhesive: solvent polyacrylate removable adhesive
  • Hole diameter: 1.5mm
  • Open area: 40 percent
  • Flame resistance: ASTM E84, UBC 26-6, UBC 26-7
  • Colour: white with black adhesive backing
  • Service life: 18-24 months under vertical outdoor exposure in normal climate

Order online or call the sales team on 0845 680 9000 for more information.

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