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Debate fires up over future of Drupa

Debate fires up over future of Drupa

A debate has begun raging in central Europe over how regular the iconic Drupa print media fair should be held in the future, reports.

Drupa's director, Manuel Matare, is in the process of retiring and has left organisers with something to consider. Addressing the 22-strong committee next month, Matare is expected to call on them to cut the large format printing event from 14 days long to 11, but to hold it every three years instead of four.

Matare is expected to request that instead of the current plan to hold the next Drupa event in 2016, it is brought forward to 2015 and that the three-year cycle begins in earnest thereafter. Exhibitors are concerned, however, that doing so will leave Drupa on a collision course to clash with the Ipex convention - also set to take place in 2018.

Amid rising speculation, the Drupa organising committee has sought to allay fears by saying the decision over the event's future rested solely with them and it had been something they'd been considering for months already.

Speaking to, Ipex event director and sceptic of the plans, Trevor Crawford, explained: "Organisers should focus on creating compelling attractive and valuable events, and avoid planning events that are based on the convenience of their event portfolio and to add cost to exhibitors.

"We need to focus on what the industry needs, not what we want as organisers. All our efforts and energy have to be based on delivering a truly exceptional event in 2014. Only at that point can we start to look at the show calendar and what's right for the market."

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