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Epson targets engineering and science sectors with new printers

Epson targets engineering and science sectors with new printers

A new series of wide-format printers from Epson looks to target the scientific and engineering communities.

Vernon Mellors, large-format printing business account manager of Epson South Africa, explained that the firm expects 80 per cent of the customers of the new Epson SureColor T-Series to come from these sectors, according to

He went on to note that a small percentage of customers are expected to come from commercial printing enterprises, while around one-fifth are likely to be in the business graphics and education sectors. There are currently three models in the series, featuring Windows and Mac print drivers.

Mr Mellors noted that the SureColor T-Series is a big shift for the firm, saying: "Since the 90s, the focus point has been almost exclusively on photographic, fine art and commercial printing. The company has never built a product that's been geared specifically for engineering, architecture and construction space, as the timing wasn't quite right." recently cited the T-Series as evidence of the way the high-end printing market has become more competitive and specialised, with devices released with specific applications in mind.

By designing a printer with a customer in mind, features can be included or left out according to whether that target customer base would have any need for it - an approach that Epson may well have taken on when putting together its T-Series.

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