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Omega 2, A Printer With 'Impeccable' Environmental Pedigree

Omega 2, A Printer With 'Impeccable' Environmental Pedigree

'Impeccable' environmental pedigree

GreenPrint recently published an article on the 'Impeccable' environmental pedigree of the Durst Omega 2. The UV LED printer uses cutting edge technology combined with years of research to provide on of the best environmentally friendly printers in the market.

Using UV lamps instead of older mercury lamps helps reduce energy consumption by a staggering 60% compared to a traditional UV printer. The lamps don't need to be replaced nearly as often as mercury lamps meaning extra savings for the user.

Less Heat

The LED lamps don't produce anywhere near the same amount of heat as traditional lamps meaning users can print on a wider range of heat sensitive material. This allows businesses to increase their business offerings and take on more work.

Durst have recently paired up with GreenGuard to certify the Omega 2s inks, the inks are virtually odourless and prints can now be used in schools, hospitals and restaurants.

The Durst Omega 2 is a great flatbed printer with enhanced environmentally friendly features, it produces stunning results at fine art quality and is extremely durable.

See the links below for more information on Dursts GreenGuard certification and the article from GreenPrint magazine.

GreenPrint by Earth Island UK: Earth Island GreenPrint

Durst GreenGuard certification article: Durst Updates GreenGuard Inks

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