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What is a large format vinyl cutter?

What is a large format vinyl cutter?

Powerful and versatile without taking up too much space, large format vinyl cutters have revolutionised the graphic design and signage production industries in recent years.

Used not only by professionals and businesses, large format vinyl cutters are also the favourite of many hobbyists, built for simple and seamless workflows, with new technological advancements aiding in providing the fastest and most flawless results to date.

This article will look further at vinyl cutting machines, how they work, what they’re used for and highlight some of the best options currently available on the market.

What is a vinyl cutter machine?

Vinyl cutter machines are a simple yet effective tool for transferring high quality, intricate designs from computer-made graphics onto a range of materials, most commonly vinyl or speciality papers.

They are robust and versatile machines, allowing for exceptional levels of creative freedom and come in a wide range of sizes and scales from compact desk cutters to large-format professional-grade devices often used in workshops.

How does a vinyl cutter work?

One of the simplest ways to envisage how a vinyl cutter works is to think of it in the same terms as a printer, only instead of printing an image, a vinyl cutter uses small, sharp blades to cut the pattern of a chosen computer-made design or image into the vinyl or speciality paper.

The chosen material is fed into the vinyl cutter and once a design is selected, the cutter moves back and forth making small incisions, transferring the digital image. Different forms of vinyl cutters have different capabilities when it comes to which designs are compatible, so it is advisable to check beforehand which cutter is appropriate for your individual needs.

What is a vinyl cutter used for?

When looking at the versatile nature of vinyl cutters, it comes as no surprise that they have risen in popularity over recent years, in no small part due to the wide variety of materials they can work with.

Some things vinyl cutters can be used to create include:


Many businesses use large vinyl cutters to create a multitude of signs from a variety of materials and adhesives, creating signs for windows, walls and other surfaces.


Vinyl cutters are also able to cut into fabric, allowing you to create patterns for sewing or creating clothing or other accessories.

Cards and stationery

Vinyl cutters are also ideal for creating intricate designs on cardstock, paper and other light materials.


A vinyl cutter can be used to create precision stencils of varying shapes and sizes with unrivalled accuracy.


Wide-format vinyl cutters are an ideal choice whenare an ideal choice when creating sizeable banners for your business without compromising on the quality or accuracy of your chosen design.

Iron-on transfers

Vinyl cutters allow you to design your own patterns or logos which can then be cut into iron-on transfers, commonly used on clothing.

What is a good large format cutter?

Summa large format vinyl cutters are some of the best vinyl cutters for small business currently available on the market and are available in a range of sizes and capabilities. Some of our top picks include:

Summa DC5sx

A highly versatile and flexible flatbed cutting system, the Summa DC5sx corresponds to a range of matching tools making it perfect for use with even the most demanding materials including magnetics and textiles.

Summa S1 D60

Small yet powerful, this handy-sized roll cutter performs exceptionally despite its compact size. With an automated workflow, coloured touchscreen and a range of other convenient features, the Summa S1 D60 is ideal for precision cutting of vinyl and light materials.

Summa S Class OPOS-CAM

Providing top levels of true tangential cutting, Summa S Class OPOS-CAM is created with elite levels of accuracy in mind, featuring a built-in contour-cutting alignment system, perfect for use in creating signs, labels, vehicle wraps and more.

See our large format cutter range

Whatever it is you’re looking to create, large-format vinyl cutters provide the perfect solution for the highest levels of accuracy, speed and efficiency.

Find out more about our range of large format cutters and get in touch today to let us help you discover your new cutting system.

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